Sunday, December 30, 2012

Youtube channel!

Hey beauties! So I have just started a Youtube channel today and the video is uploading as we speak! Please check it out, my username is makeupbymac101. It would mean the world if you checked it out and maybe subscribed?;)


Friday, December 28, 2012

New year's Resolutions

Hey guys! So, I realized that 2013 is in three days.... How crazy is that.  But anyways here's a list of my resolutions. Don't make fun and I'm some of you beauty and makeup lovers can relate to some of these

Beauty/makeup resolutions
1.BUY MORE MAKEUP!- Okay i know a lot of you are thinking she doesn't need anymore makeup, and you right I don't need it... but makeup is my passion, I'm absolutely obsessed with doing my makeup and buying new products and trying new things

Stick to an ab workout and see results!
Do at least 5 pull-ups a day: we have a pull-up bar that hangs in the doorway so I can do them everyday.
Stretch for 30 minutes everyday-  I cheer competitively and need to desperately work on this.

Post at least once a week if not more
Maybe start a youtube channel? What do you guys think?

A resolution I've done every year but can't do... keep my room clean!
I struggle with that, it looks like my closet threw up in my bedroom..

What are your new year's resolutions? Leave a comment below!


Ulta Haul

Hey Beauties! So I went to Ulta today and picked up a few things, so I thought I would do a haul for you all! Hope you enjoy, leave a comment down below if you have tried any of these products before!

The first two things I got, were two blushes by NYX.  In the first picture, the top one is a cream blush in  the shade glow. My camera doesn't really pick up the color but its a corally pink.  I'd say its more of a pink then coral.  The second one is a powder blush in the shade mocha. At first glance, its similar to "glow" but its more brown and soft. These are my first NYX blushes, so if you've tried one leave a comment below on your thoughts!

The next two products are more NYX products, but since there isn't an Ulta close to me I had to stock up.  I got two jumbo eyeshadow pencils, one in "strawberry milk" and the other in  "milk". "Strawberry milk" would be good for those days when your in a rush and need to quickly get out the door, you can just swipe it over your lid and you have a very basic and natural eye look, or of course you can add a crease color to intensify the look, but ithink its a very pretty basic look to do with just the eye pencil and then your eyeliner and mascara with it.  I got the color "milk" because it makes a very good eyeshadow base and can help to intensify any color.

I also needed a new bronzer, so I picked one up as well.  This is the "Too Faced Snow Bunny Perfecting Bronzing Powder" and its really nice because it comes with a bronzer shade, a blush, and a highlight, but you can also mix the colors together and get a gorgeous bronzer.

I haven't tried the "Too Faced" shadow insurance so if you have, leave a comment below!

 I am probably the most excited about this product, it's the Stila lip glaze set.  It comes with 8 different lip glazes and it only costs $25.  I don't think they are the full size but there's enough product in each one for more than one use.

Okay, these are the last two NYX products, like I said I needed to stock up.  Anyway, the top product is a lipliner in the shade "Pale Pink".  The bottom one is a lipgloss in the color "Beige".  I've heard so many great things about these lipglosses so I figured I had to try it.

The last thing is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.  I needed a new powder because the one I'm currently using is the Elf Translucent Matifying Powder and I'm running out.  But I've heard lots of people on Youtube talk about it so I went ahead and picked up so I could try it!

Leave a comment below on what else you'd like to see on this blog! I'm starting back up for the New Year and am going to keep it going this time!